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The purpose of the Uppsala Security Forum is to encourage discussion and support between Uppsala and members of its community. Please remain civil at all times and show due respect to fellow members of our community. Please read the FAQ to understand how the forum works and what is expected of community members.

Trust Levels

At Uppsala Security Forum, we have implemented a Trust Level system for our community. The aim of this system is to both reward active members and ensure our forums are kept safe. Earn trust within the community to get promoted to a higher trust level. Understand more about the 3 attainable trust levels below and learn how you can earn promotion.


All new users start off at Trust Level 0 (TL0). To ensure safety for our entire community, abilities of new users are restricted.

Users with trust level 0 are unable to:

  • Flag posts
  • Post images
  • Post links

What you can still do:

  • Create topics (though with a longer required buffer period (120s) between topic creation)
  • Create posts (longer required buffer period (30s) between post creation)
  • Edit your posts
  • Give out likes (max of 50 a day!)


Fret not, it’s easy to gain promotion from TL0 to TL1! You just need to show that you are actively reading the contents on our forum.

Get to TL1 by:

  • Entering 5 topics
  • Reading 30 posts
  • Spending 10 minutes on the forum

At TL1, all new user restrictions are lifted. You will now be able to:

  • Flag posts
  • Post images
  • Post links
  • Enjoy a shorter required buffer period between both post creations (5s) and topic creations (15s)

You will also be awarded with the “Basic” badge. This badge can be used as a title beside your name. Simply head to your profile page > Preferences > Account and select the title you want under “Title”.

TRUST LEVEL 2 – Member

As you consistently spend more time on and contribute to discussions within our community, promotion to TL2 will naturally come.

Get to TL2 by:

  • Entering 20 topics
  • Reading 100 posts
  • Spending at least 60 minutes on the forum
  • Visiting on at least 15 days (not consecutive)
  • Receiving at least 1 like
  • Awarding at least 1 like
  • Replying to at least 3 topics

At TL2, you will be given the ability to

  • Send invites from your profile page or within topics
  • Cast 1.5x more maximum likes/day

You will also be awarded with the “Member” badge.

TRUST LEVEL 3 – Regular

TL3 status is only awarded to the most reliable and active members of our community.

To get to TL3, you must have done the following in the last 100 days:

  • Visited on at least 50% of days
  • Received at least 20 likes, casted at least 30 likes *
  • Replied to at least 10 topics
  • Viewed at least 25% of the topics created in the last 100 days (Cap: 500)
  • Viewed at least 25% of the posts created in the last 100 days (Cap: 20,000)
  • Must not have received spam or offensive flags from greater than 5 unique users
  • Must not have been suspended

***** These likes must be across a minimum number of different users (1/5 the number), across a minimum number of different days (1/4 the number). Likes cannot be from PMs.

As TL3 is only reserved for the most elite of our community, unlike at other trust levels, TL3 users would need to constantly fulfil the stated criteria to ensure they do not get demoted. To prevent situations where users are constantly demoted/promoted, a no demotion grace period of 2 weeks will be immediately given every time you receive TL3 status.

At TL3, you will be given the ability to

  • Cast 2x more maximum likes/day
  • Dish out more powerful spam flags
    • TL3 spam flags cast on a TL0 user’s post will immediately hide the post
    • 2 TL3 spam flags from 2 unique TL3 users cast on a TL0 user’s posts will auto-silence the user and hide all his/her posts

Promotion to TL3 will earn you the most prestigious badge a non-moderator and staff member can earn – “Regular”.

Adapted from https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/


Helping to keep the forum running smoothly would be our official Sentinel Protocol team members, moderators and Sentinels. These accounts will have titles of the same name displayed beside their profile names.

Find out more about each group of staff accounts below:


Accounts with the “Team Member” title are official staff of Sentinel Protocol. We will be actively responding to queries/issues under “Product Support” and providing our expertise in the “Incident Report” subcategory.


Community Managers are our team of moderators. They mainly oversee the Announcement and Lounge categories - helping to post announcements, moderate content, and respond to questions from our community. They are also in charge of managing flagged content forum-wide.


The Sentinels are a group of approved white-hat security experts and organizations who are rewarded for their security contributions towards our community. They help to investigate into and validate reported incidents and will thus be active in the “Incident Report” subcategory. By default, Sentinels are given trust level of 3 upon joining.

Active Contribution

As members of our community, we hope that everyone would actively participate - be it sharing their knowledge, contributing to discussions, or helping to provide feedback to the community through flags and likes.

Badges, including the ‘Confirmed Case Contributor’, will be awarded to active contributors that fulfill the necessary criteria.

Let’s keep it clean

The following activities will not be tolerated on this forum facility:

  • Insulting, threatening, annoying or provocative behaviour.
  • Swearing, using hate-speech, or making obscene or vulgar comments.
  • Unlawful activity. This includes breach of copyright, defamation, condoning or promoting illegal activity and contempt of court (by making posts that could affect the outcome of an impending court action).
  • Spamming (posting the same comment multiple times).
  • Advertising commercial interests.
  • Impersonating or falsely claiming to represent a person or organisation.
  • Invading someone’s privacy. This includes posting anyone’s personal details without their permission.

If you do see another community member displaying such behavior, immediately flag it. Flags will be investigated into & offenders will be dealt with either automatically or through moderators.

Moderators and staff reserve the right to delete any content or user account they deem to have infringed the community guidelines - and will do their best to diligently do so. However, the content posted is still owned by the poster & Uppsala will not be required to take any responsibility for it.

No Thieves allowed

Post only what belongs to you. Respect the intellectual property of others - be it images, software, audio, videos or any other form of content.

Terms of Service

To use our forum, all users must agree to abide by our Terms of Service and have read & accepted our Privacy Policy.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy your stay as part of the Uppsala Security Community!

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