Be aware of ongoing online threats!

:shield: We are receiving a concerning amount of messages from users that felt victims to impersonation, scamming or phishing & as consequence lost a significant amount of their #crypto assets.

:point_down: A few things you can do to stay safe in the cyberspace.

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:white_check_mark: Step 1: Use our free of charge UPPward Browser Extension which will automatically notify you in real-time when you interact with a malicious party:

:white_check_mark: Step 2: Read educational content written by cybersecurity experts about the strategies used by malicious actors to steal digital assets and what you can do to avoid them. Our Cybercrime Investigations section on our Medium is the perfect place for that:

:white_check_mark: Step 3: Actively contribute to Threat Intelligence crowdsourcing and report any suspicious activity you encounter online. You can do so through the UPPward Browser Extension ( or through our Sentinel Portal (

Stay safe!

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