Binance has been hacked in a large scale security breach — hackers stole over $40 million worth of Bitcoin


In a recent statement, Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao said the company discovered a “large scale security breach” earlier on May 7, as a result of which hackers were able to steal roughly 7000 BTC, which were worth roughly $40.6 million at the time of writing.

Do you keep your cryptocurrency assets on exchanges? Let us know your thoughts about the unfortunate Binance situation in the comment section below.

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Once upon a time I kept on Binance and treated storage casually. Now I keep only on my wallet. “Not your keys - not your money” :sweat_smile: There are still coins on CRYPTOPYA, and you know what happens with this exchange. :neutral_face:


“Not your keys - not your money” - perfect saying, thanks for sharing! :+1: Hopefully more and more crypto owners will have the same approach. It is one of the golden rules together with using the UPPward Extension :yum:

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Yes, it is necessary to store some of the funds on cryptocurrency exchanges, otherwise it will not be possible to perform trade transactions.
Does Uppsala track stolen bitcoins?


Hi Doshnik, welcome to our Community!

As cybersecurity is our main focus, part of the job is indeed to track stolen cryptocurrencies in case of money laundering, terrorist funding or also hacks, such as the one of Binance. We did so for various other cases, here is a more detailed one:

We actually launched a product recently, called the Crypto Analysis Transaction Visualization (CATV) with which even private users can track wallet addresses. You can sign up here for free access:


Our network protection solution, UPPward, blacklisted the following wallet addresses. The stolen BTC are still residing in them -

  1. bc1q2rdpyt8ed9pm56u9t0zjf94zrdu6gufa47pf62 [1,060.64 BTC Unspent]
  2. bc1qnf2ja3ffqzc3hskanjse6p8zag52fm6jgmmg9u [1,060.64 BTC Unspent]
  3. bc1qx3628eh9tdnm0uzculu8k6r2ywfkc5zns2hp0k [1,060.64 BTC Unspent]
  4. bc1q3a5hd36jrqeseqa27nm40srkgxy8lk0v0tpjtp [707.096 BTC Unspent]
  5. bc1qw7g5uxxl750t0h2fh9xajwuxp4qt634yh3vg5q [1,060.64 BTC Unspent]
  6. 16SMGihY94H8UjRcxwsLnDtxRt7cRLkvoC [1,060.64 BTC Unspent]

Sentinel Protocol is not on the Binance and price always go down. What a wonderful Sentinel Protocol marketing team.


look at the satoshi chart of this coin.
Just buy bitcoin or major coins. Dont buy this coin.