Blog Post: Sentinel Protocol Explores the Future of Crypto Security at the Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Seminar


Singapore, 20 February 2019 — Sentinel Protocol hosted the Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Seminar 2019, today in Seoul, South Korea. At the joint technical seminar with Korea University and Norma, customers gained critical insights about the importance of security for delivering secure user experiences and crypto asset protection.

The seminar, which is by invites only, featured the following speakers:

· Professor Heejo Lee, Computer and Communication Security Laboratory of Korea University

· Brian Yang, Head of Business of Sentinel Protocol

· Hyeoncheol Jeong, CEO of Norma

“As blockchain technology continues to evolve, it is essential to have crypto security. Security should not be an afterthought. Sentinel Protocol’s core technology lies in our collective security intelligence, also known as the Threat Reputation Database (TRDB). A key feature of the TRDB is the Crypto Transaction Tracking System, which provides business partners with a holistic view of transaction flows with a centralised checklist and an automated management process. Our system also enables real-time tracking of stolen crypto assets. Our crypto scam protection solution for crypto exchanges and wallet services is the Interactive Cooperation Framework API. The ICF API is designed to be integrated with financial software applications to proactively protect crypto assets belonging to organizations and clients from malicious threats,” said Brian Yang, Head of Business, Sentinel Protocol.

“The theme of my sharing today is about the importance of cooperation between leaders in the security industry. The technology Sentinel Protocol introduces is an effective security measure to prevent cyber fraud and financial crime. Sentinel Protocol’s Crypto Transaction Tracking System is very easy and intuitive to use. Going forward, I think this solution should be developed and expanded to make it available for the general public”, said Professor Heejo, Lee, Computer and Communication Security Laboratory of Korea University.

About Sentinel Protocol

Sentinel Protocol is the world’s first crowd-sourced threat intelligence platform utilizing the advantages of decentralization to protect cyberspace with blockchain security. It aims to equip individuals and organizations with cybersecurity solutions that help protect their valuable cryptocurrency assets from malicious threats, attacks, and fraudulent transactions. Sentinel Protocol is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan. Follow Sentinel Protocol on Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Medium.