Can't post new case

I am trying to create a new case but it doesn’t work:

“Unable to process your request.”

Update: Case was created but duplicated as I tried several times to add it… Deleted the duplicates but again an error (“A server error occured”)

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Hi @clem,

Thanks for letting us know! I will check with the team where the problem is/ was and come back to you.

Hi @clem,

We have just fixed this issue and if it persists please let us know with more details.

Great to hear, will have a try today


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You added a popup to confirm saving case which is fine but when I confirm an error popup appears “Request can’t be processed”.

The new case is created but the error is misleading.

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Hi Clem.

We believe we just figure what is wrong with the submission. Initially we thought the problem we found was causing the issue you are facing but is not. The pattern for the EOS is creating some issue which we are trying to fix.

Head of Engineering


Tested again and still same error displayed even if case is created

Thanks Clem.
Yes we do notice it happen intermittently. And without going into too much technical details of master and replicate DB on the backend.

We will be deploying a fix later today.

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No problem, will continue giving feedbacks :wink:

You created an awesome tool which has the potential to disrupt cybercrime protection industry, I want to help and potentially be part of it :slight_smile:

In a more general view I would say that error handling has to be reviewed, timeout, out of range, throttle errors are a bit confusing, they should clearly describe what happend and how it can be fixed.

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