CATV:Timeout often occurs

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Loving the tool but it keeps timing out

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Hello clem! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Just to keep the forum tidy I have moved your post to Product Support from Security Discussion.

Firstly, thank you for using the tool. I believe you are getting a pop up notification saying that you have timed out when using CATV? We are aware of the limitations that CATV face and we are definitely always working on CATV to give our users a good experience.

In the meantime, I have some suggestions on how to avoid hitting that error.

  1. Low depths are usually safe, for example 2 depths is a good starting point. If you have a relatively simple graph, 4-5 depths would be okay too.

  2. If you are searching both distribution and source at the same time, you can also try to search them separately (open two windows, one for distribution and one for source) if the above does not work. One of them could have many transactions and could be blocking the entire display.

  3. If you know a specific transaction or transactions to be malicious, do use the date range filter to filter it down to the timeframe when the hack occurred. This will also speed up the time it takes for CATV to respond if there are other irrelevant transactions outside out of the timeframe specified.

If you are still hitting the error after trying out my suggestions, do let me know which addresses are causing problems and I will look into it. I hope that otherwise, the CATV tool has been helpful to you :slight_smile:


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