CATV usage credits

Hi guys,

I just got an alert “You have exhausted your CATV usage credits.”, could you explain how credits work ?

I understand you need to limit the number of requests but I believe it should be coupled with a way to save past paid searches, it’s nice to export an image but having a list of past searches that can be displayed WITHOUT paying another time would be even better :wink: It’s about saving saving past work so you can come back to it later on.


Hi @clem,

Thanks for your feedback. I do agree with you and this is one of the changes that we have a plan in the roadmap.

We just recently implemented history, and the current limit we set for community user is just 5 query credits per month.

I would increase the limit temporary for now until we get the code changes not to include history search consuming the credits.


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Great thanks :wink:

I am curious to know how the credits economics work, let’s see

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