Difference between scam and scam case


In my mind a scam is about a specific phishing website or post on twitter but a scam CASE refers to each victim situation.

So for example I have 1 scam for telos which was implemented on various urls. Many victims fall into the trap, I created 2 cases for now:

My questions:

  • Is it ok create a case for each victim ?
  • Should I create a tag to specify both cases are part of the same scam ?
  • If not, would it be possible to add a scam creation form in portal and a field in scam case referring to it ?

As you are in beta I am trying to give all the feedbacks I can, I hope it’s ok :wink:

An example of the structure can be seen on the website I created https://eospatrol.com/telosfundation


Hi @clem,

First of all thank you for all your feedback, we really appreciate it as we are constantly trying to better our products.

To answer your question, if a scam has already been reported, it is not mandatory to report also other related scam cases, because the scam will be blacklisted if proven so and will show up as such in our products (UPPward Extension, CATV, etc.). But reporting more than one scam case does help a lot with the investigation speed, as well as having a clearer view of the damage done by that specific scam, so yes it is ok to create multiple cases.

Regarding the scam creation form and tags, let me share your feedback with the team. Thank you!


Ok thanks, I definitely think cases should have the capacity to be grouped under 1 parent scam, it helps organize and visualize how successful is a scam.

It could be done using tags field on case form with an autocomplete option so people can assign to all related scam cases the same tag.

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Hi @clem,

I shared your input with the team, thanks again! :raised_hands: