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:zap: The departure awaits!

Enjoy a safer online journey by using the „Digital Safety Kit“ created by Uppsala Security, a resource with valuable instructions on how to store and use your digital assets. The Kit includes the following:

1. Pre-Transaction Safety Checklist

Make sure you go through the checklist before performing any significant transactions. :point_down:

Pre-Transaction Safety Checklist - 2020.pdf (79.0 KB)

2. Digital Assets: Do’s and Don’ts

Myth or reality? There is only one way to find out. :point_down:

Digital Assets Security 2020.pdf (88.9 KB)

3. Uppsala Security Wallpapers: Desktop & Mobile

Visualize and constantly be reminded of the importance of cybersecurity by using a high quality Uppsala Security Wallpaper.

:point_right: Wallpapers for desktop

Desktop 1920x1080_for PC 복사본

:point_right: Wallpapers for mobile

Mobile 2160×1080_iphone9 복사본

:man_technologist: Read, use and share the “Digital Safety Kit” with all your friends and colleagues. Got any questions or suggestions? Let us know below!

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