Sentinel Protocol is now on Blockfolio Signal!


Starting the weekend with even more good news! We are excited to announce that we have joined Blockfolio Signal to keep the community updated on our latest project updates!

Make sure to download the Blockfolio app and follow $UPP for the latest updates from our leadership team!


Don’t forget to join “Delta Direct” as well :slightly_smiling_face:


Super! We hope soon for new listings, although this is not the main direction of the team. The main thing is global security. :hugs:


Hi Midas,

Thats is correct the team is focusing on making online interactions safer. Please do help us by reporting suspicious incidents that you have encounter either through the forum security discussion section or through the anonymous reporting feature available on UPPward extension.



Okay, but I don’t understand everything in English (~80%). I’m Waiting for Upward to add support for other languages


Where can I see the whole list of “Blacklist” or statistics?


Hi Midas,

We are currently not displaying the full indicator statistics to public. We are considering having a dashboard that shows the indicators in future that would be displayed in either our homepage or this forum

At the meantime all the indicators are fully searchable using the UPPward extension. If you find something that we miss please do report it.



“Service lisisting on marketplaces” in roadmap, what is it? Can you tell us more?



We will be listing our service in the market. We will announce more details closer to the launch date - do stay tuned here!


Thank you for not leaving the question unattended:+1:


Cheers! Happy to have you here, and please let us know if you have any questions!

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