Sentinel Protocol will be in New York for Consensus 2019!


We are looking forward to our trip to New York for Consensus 2019! Read more about our plans here:

Being one of the biggest blockchain conferences worldwide, it is a gathering you don’t want to miss. Nothing beats a real visit, but still, if you will not attend the conference this year, keep an eye on our Twitter account because as usual, we will post live updates:

Also, make sure to tweet us using the hashtag #UPP4Consensus!

What are your expectations regarding Consensus this year?


I will probably Express the General opinion if I say that we expect more recognition of the sentinel Protocol team’s products from consensus 2019. In the crypto world at this stage, there are a lot of problems, one of which is SECURITY. It is evident that you are gaining great strength in connection with the release of new products and the obvious demand in the future. Scammers never sleep, so good luck at 'this event!


Thank you for your thoughts, Midas! :slight_smile:

You are right, security is and continues to be a problem that not only companies have to face, but individuals as well. Interesting is to watch the Google Trends chart on the keyword “cybersecurity”, it is on a constant growth in the recent years. :slight_smile:


About the General interest in cybersecurity in Google trends did not know, interesting :thinking: :+1:


Due to a recent Binance incident, the issue of network security is really relevant. I think that many people should understand that this was not the last hack.

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@ilinca, any more news from this event?


Hi @MIDAS! The team came back in Singapore on Friday, so please stay tuned for updates in the upcoming days. :slight_smile: