The UPPward Extension v3.1.0 is now out!

:zap: The UPPward Extension v3.1.0 is now out and ready to protect you!

With the updated version you can enjoy the following features:

:white_check_mark: [New] Network Resource Scanner - when switched on, it notifies the users if, within the visited webpages, suspicious resources have been detected. This feature includes both a quiet mode and alert mode;

:white_check_mark: [New] Reporting Feature - users are now able to submit reports directly through the UPPward Extension;

:white_check_mark: TRX support added for Crypto Highlight and UPPward Search;

:white_check_mark: User Interface fixes.

:shield: Let security experts take the responsibility. Get the UPPward Extension v3.1.0 today. Available for Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Edge browsers:

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