Transaction Tracking “Distribution Depth” and “Source Depth”


I may be wrong but it seems that “Distribution Depth” and “Source Depth” set the exact depth an address needs, if for example the address has a depth smaller than the one set in form an error occurs.

Could “Distribution Depth” and “Source Depth” be changed to “Max Distribution Depth” and “Max Source Depth” so search query will just display the actual depth even if the form has a higher number ?

Hi Clem,

Can you provide the example you trying to query?

If a wallet has origin 4 Distribution and 4 Source depth, and I only query for 2 Distribution. It will still work.

And prompt will only occur if let say the origin address has 0 Source Depth and 2 Distribution depth, and you query for 2 Source and 2 Distribution.

Let me now if this is not what you seeing, I will move this Product discussion.

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Exactly that’s my point, before I launch a tracking search I have no idea if account has 0, 1, 2 or more depth.

The user experience would improve if instead of displaying an error the result would just adapt to the depth of account.

In other words, if I search a depth of 4 but account only has a depth of 2, the diagram view would display depth of 2 WITHOUT displaying error, user just want to see graph, he will figure out visually that account depth is 2 instead of 4, no need for error popup.