Twitter hacked - Stay safe with UPPward!

:zap: ALERT: As many of you are already aware, Twitter went through a rough attack in the last hours, with many high profile accounts, including verified ones, being compromised by malicious actors that were sharing fake giveaways involving Bitcoin. These type of attacks can happen anywhere, anytime and as we have witnessed today: to anyone.

:shield: We, at Uppsala Security, have developed real-time working products and solutions that can keep you safe in the online space and can protect you from such situations. Stay safe by using the UPPward Browser Extension, a free of charge tool that has access to tens of Millions of crowdsourced security indicators and alerts you instantly if/when you interact with a malicious party, being it a social account, URL or wallet address.

:man_technologist: Cybersecurity matters more than ever, start your journey now:

What are your impressions about the recent Twitter events? Let us know below! :point_down:

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