Upbit Theft Investigation by Uppsala Security

:male_detective:‍♂ Current status of the Upbit theft: under investigation by Uppsala Security.

:man_technologist: Donovan Tan, Cybersecurity Researcher at Uppsala Security, shares with the wider community insightful information about the Upbit theft investigation as well as the exchanges chosen by the malicious actors for experimenting with ways to cash out. Read all about it here: https://bit.ly/2OVMspY

:zap: We created a LIVE dashboard (www.upbit-incident.uppsalasecurity.com) to track the latest Upbit incident. To get the latest updates on our investigation, head over to the dashboard or follow us on Twitter @UPPSentinel.

PS: :thinking: Have any thoughts to share or got questions for us? Feel free to share them below!


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