Uppsala Security Signed a ‘Business Service Partnership’ Agreement with Samsung Electronics!

:zap: BREAKING: We are very excited to share that Uppsala Security signed an agreement contract with Samsung Electronics through which it engaged to provide customer support services for the Samsung Blockchain Wallet!

:man_technologist: Starting with July 1st 2020, Uppsala Security’s recently launched Global Crypto Incident Response Center (CIRC) will be responsible for providing tracking reports to Samsung Blockchain Wallet users that experience hacks/ scams and thus enhancing the overall customer satisfaction.

:point_right: Our experience, know-how and award winning security products will be the backbone of our customer services in order to help users that fall victims to hacks, scams or fraud while using the Samsung Blockchain Wallet. Moreover, we will not only track the malicious transactions, but at the end of the investigation we will also provide the victims with a tracking report that can be referenced as legal evidence to law enforcement agencies.

:mag_right: Link to official announcement: https://bit.ly/3gbuYke

[KR] 웁살라시큐리티는 삼성전자와 ‘서비스 업무 제휴’ 계약을 공식 체결하여, 삼성 블록체인 월렛의 고객지원 서비스를 대행 · 업무 지원하기로 협의하였음을 알려드립니다.

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