UPPward Chrome Extension


UPPward Chrome Extension

The UPPward Extension acts as a search engine for secure crypto transactions. The key feature of this extension is the Reporting Tool where any user can report suspicious URLs, social media accounts, or wallet addresses. Once the report is submitted, it is analyzed and verified by security experts — the Sentinels — and the validated report goes onto the blockchain.

Free of charge, this extension enables users to check whether any wallet address is safe, and to receive alerts showing whether or not a specific URL is risky to use. This useful tool will help crypto users avoid sending funds to impersonators using fake wallet addresses.

Read our review procedure in catching and stopping online security threats.

Download it here.


Latest version: v1.2.2

Release Notes:

v.1.2 [November 30, 2018]
(Chrome Extension v1.2 Release Notes)

Changes include:

  • Improved the “Report Now” button on the landing page for ease of incident report submission
  • Added a “Safe Bar” option that can alter the screen size, display time, layout, and background color
  • Added a “Setting” button on the first screen
  • Added a “Back” button on the search result screen
  • Punycode Block feature


  • Bugs in previous versions have been fixed