What are the steps taken by team for marketing of UPP products?


As far I can see, Sentinel had many partnerships and listed on decent exchanges including KRW pair.
But community involvement not seems as others projects.

  1. It will be great if team hire more members from different countries and cultures .
  2. Marketing with UPP(Sentinel Protocol) swags competitions etc.
  3. Basic course to prevent from scams i.e. tips to prevent from scammers.
    and many more suggestions.

Nice to be here. I tried to find telegram channel but unable to find any.
Well done Sentinel Protocol team for such great efforts.



Hello nikhil95 welcome to our forums. Please see the answers below:

  1. We have team members from Korea, Singapore and Germany. We also have offices in Korea and Singapore
  2. Ok
  3. We have a blog where we cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from security, business partnerships, industry challenges, predicts, marketing event etc. Please take a look at our blog https://medium.com/sentinel-protocol
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