What is this address?


Watch this address records.
There are so many coins(millions) sent from [Uppsala: MultiSig] address, and they sent to “Upbit”.
And then so many sentinel protocol coins were dumped into the Upbit market from this address.

I’ve watched the circulating supply that has been increased and stopped right after when I asked about it on here.
Is this something that the sentinel protocol Dev team has been dumping to the marketing?
ICO price is around $0.12 and never been to this price after the 10 minutes of Upbit KRW market open.

Many of altcoins’ satoshi charts started to increase after the massive increase of bitcoin except Sentinel Protocol.

Your team said coin price is not an important matter and want to focus on development.
But, in the coin market industry, the coin that price is below the ico price, people just think it is just a scam.

Even after a massive corruption of the coin market, coins like EOS, Tron, Cardano, Qtum, etc, they never went below their ico prices.

the price of this coin soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointing (1/7 from the ico price).
You really think that the price of the coin is not important? People will consider this coin as a scam in the coin market. If you guys wanted to focus on programmings, then your team should not do the ico or selling the coins. You guys should just make a program like an “Avast Antivirus” software for cryptocurrency.
Rewarding system? this coin’s usage is useless that i’ve ever seen. The coin is not able to pay for the system or anything. the coin is useless that’s why no one want to buy it and people who got rewards are selling it. it is the worst coin ecosystem.

p.s. I just sold all my Sentinel Protocol coins today, not going to invest to it anymore. Good luck on developing your protocol.

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This is a biased view of the situation. Most altcoins have not grown after the rise of bitcoin at the moment. Key positions in the road map are still on the way. How can you judge the “uselessness” of coins in the future when they become a means of payment for a reward? Do you monitor the work of the team? Increasing the base TRBD (Increase and the work goes on without a stop)? Do you know CATV features? Or do you just look at the page on coinmarketcap and refresh it endlessly? I do not want to put labels, but you probably one of those who want to buy something and in a month to become rich. This is a very strange and frivolous approach to the case.